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Interagency Oncology Taskforce, Joint Fellowship Program
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Joint Fellowship Training Program

Program 4
Cancer Prevention Fellows

The NCI and FDA will jointly sponsor a fellowship program to provide training in cancer prevention (e.g., chemoprevention, vaccination, and early detection). This fellowship will provide research training within the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program. Individuals will be trained in the drug, biologic, or device development and approval processes and their application to study populations (including healthy subjects) to facilitate the movement of novel approaches from the bench to the community. Combining training in public health, cancer prevention research, and research-related regulatory overview will allow individuals to develop expertise across these disciplines. Graduates of this program will develop skills of value to academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and government agencies.

To be eligible for participation, individuals must possess a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree and hold US citizenship or US permanent residency. During the first year of the Program, fellows will pursue a master's degree in clinical investigation (M.S.) or in public health (M.P.H). The remaining up to three years, fellows will participate in all activities of the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program at the NCI and mentored research at the FDA. Through mutual agreement, fellows will select a mentor at the FDA, where they will undertake their research and receive formal training and mentoring in the relevant federal statutes, regulations, principles, and practices of FDA medical product review, including issues related to product development, e.g., manufacturing processes, production, purification, characterization, testing, quality control, and quality assurance, understanding the biology, chemistry, pharmacoepidemiology, manufacturing, postmarketing surveillance, and mechanism of action/pathogenesis of disease process. At the NCI, fellows will learn the principles and practice of cancer prevention and molecular prevention and will participate in weekly Fellows' Research Meetings, weekly colloquia, and professional development training, including grant writing.

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