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Interagency Oncology Taskforce, Joint Fellowship Program
Training Pathways
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Joint Fellowship Training Program

Mission and Background

The FDA and the NCI are jointly sponsoring a series of fellowship programs to provide training in product, preclinical, and clinical research and research-related regulatory review. A fundamental part of the mission of NCI is to develop - and to facilitate the development and use of - drugs, regimens, and devices effective in treating, preventing, or ameliorating morbidity and mortality associated with cancer. A primary aspect of the FDA mission is to conduct regulatory review to assure that medical products demonstrate the appropriate balance of safety and efficacy for particular disease treatment, mitigation, or prevention indications before they are approved for those indications. If heightened awareness of the requirements of regulatory review of safety and efficacy can be incorporated into the schema of development and testing from the early stages, NCI and FDA will be better equipped to achieve a common goal: bringing safe and effective drugs, regimens, and devices from the bench to the bedside as quickly as possible.

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